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In this small white building hundreds of young boys, some as young as eight years old, were brutally beaten until they were bloody. Some were carted away in wheelbarrows and taken to the campus hospital where their underwear or pajamas had to be surgically removed by a physician. Some, barely able to walk, were forced to run back to their dormitory so that circulation would return to their lower backs, thighs and read-ends. They were then placed in a hot running shower so that their bloodied underwear would release from the buttocks, which in many cases was as black and tough as a car tire.


The photos on this page are the property of Roger Dean Kiser and are the only photos taken of the inside of the White House Torture Chamber before it was sealed forever by the state of Florida. Use of these photos may be used by media and other outlets at a cost of $125.00 per photo. Written permission must be obtained before use and payment made in full. Full quality photos will then be sent.

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