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Virgil Whitten

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Virgil D. Whitten and I was one of the White House Boys from February 1957 until February 1958. I was a scared little 12 year old boy from a broken home. During this year, I was beaten twice with a leather strap, yelled at, ridiculed and treated as an animal.

I worked on the yard crew for a job for a Mr. Cook. From 7:30 until 12 noon you were not allowed to go to the bathroom and again from 12:30 until 5 pm. All of my life I had a problem and had no control over it. They were aware of this but would not let me go to the bathroom. I held my urine so long, I was in pain. When I was finally allowed to go to the restroom, I could not urinate for 10 to 15 minutes. I would stand there in pain until I could finally relieve myself. I still have problems today as a result of this.

They would also stand around the dining table to see if you talked and if you did you really got punished. This kept you in fear of them all the time. They would yell and scream at me as well as all the others. I was abused beyond belief during my stay.

I will soon be 65 years old and I am still paying the price. It has affected me all these years in many different ways. I have been seen by many Psychiatrists for the past 45 years and take so much medication to help me try to be a normal human being. I now take Depakote, Wellbutrin, Risperdal, Effexor, and Clonazepam for my Mental Illness. These are heavy duty drugs but I need them in order to survive. I am sure all of this was a result of my abuse I suffered at the hands of the ones that were supposed to be helping me. I feel they should have to make restitution for all us boys for having to live the lives we did because of the abuse they put us through. Sincerely,

Virgil D. Whitten