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Vernon Richardson

July 6.1995


I am writing to you in regard to my terrible stay at the Florida School for Boys at Marianna.

During my stay there I was beaten by Maurice Crockett and have seen many others beaten with a razor strap by Mr. Maurice Crockett until their noses and buttocks’ were actually breeding from his lashes. If he decided to give you 100 lashes you had best hold onto the bed and couldn’t turn the bed loose. If you were up to 99 lashes and released the bed rail, Mr. Crockett would start over again from lash one.

Mr. Crockett is a very brutal man and it amazes me that this man is now a parole commissioner, still over a lot of the same guys, like me, who has been attacked and brutally beaten by Mr. Crockett.

I have seen this man beat guys until their nose ran blood down their mouth and chin; but not allowed to move until he was finished with his attack.

What I would like to know is how the public can allow this man to be in such a position as he is now in; holding guys in prison that should have been released more than ten years ago.

I know there are some people who will not believe the contents of this letter. But I ask whoever is concerned to please investigate Mr. Maurice Crockett’s past at the Florida Boy’s School.

After you investigate I am sure that you will find that Mr. Maurice Grady Crockett is a perverted and very sick man who should not be in charge of any human being.

Thank you very much.


Vernon Richardson.