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There were times when the fear was so great for a boy being taken to the White House for a beating; that staying on the bed for such a brutal “spanking” was mentally and/or physically impossible for some boys, myself included. When one would not or could not hold the bed railing and endure such excruciating pain; the boy’s peers (from the kitchen crew) would be called upon and forced to hold other young boys down while the attending adults beat them unmercifully, sometimes until bloody. If they (kitchen boys) refused, they themselves would be beaten even worse.

The screams of the young boys, some as young as eight, were horrible sounds of terror that would live in many boys memories and nightmares for more than fifty years.

Just a few weeks ago, after almost fifty years, a wife, having heard her husband talk about such an occurrence many times; she managed to locate the man (through our web site) which her husband was forced to hold to the bed. Late that evening the two men talked on the telephone that had experienced such a tragic occurrence. Having throat cancer and almost unable to speak the gentleman replied “I am so sorry I had to hold you down. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me?”

“There is nothing to forgive my brother. You did as you were ordered or you would have received the same type of beating.

“Thank you. Thank you so much my dear friend and may God bless you,” replied the man, as tears filled his eyes.

It is amazing how such a brutal, terrible and horrible experience can bring men together as best friends and brothers.

This in itself shows the kind of descent individuals these men, and others, turned out to be. In spite of the darkness and the horrible brutality occurring in their youth; the kindness of their hearts somehow managed to survive and prosper.