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Robert StClair

This is now begining to be something to respond to. I cannot remember a whole lot of my time there, I do remember the beatings and the infirmary where they picked the cotton out of my buttocks and legs. I do remember getting the creeping crude and having to stay in the infirmary for a week soaking my feet up to my knees in a purple substance. I remember getting a bad case of gum diease and having several teeth removed, and gold teeth put in. I picked up a nickname for that.

I remember the boxing team. I was at least 110 lbs. then and had to fight three other kids my size, I should have lost because after I won everyone in my class weight, I had to take on a 200 lb.er. Needless to say he wiped my butt all over that ring. I can recall that going into the messhall , You could see huge jars of cane syrup on the shelves and in some of those jars were rats. I was really impressed with the fried eggs, they were fried about 2 or 3 that morning and were slimey and cold. This was every day, until you got to know someone in the kitchen.

I am really depressed right now having recalling these memories that I did'nt know existed. I must have put them far back in my head and completely forgot about the ever happening. The picture of the whitehouse on my paper's front page shocked me, and flooded my head with all the fears that I dare not mention any thing that ever happened there for fear of going back. I found a couple of happy day pics. of myself and two of my friends. Henry Farrior and Ray Wilson both of Tampa Fla.I'll bring them to the orlando reunion. Iwill try to sit down and write my story of how I got there. thanks for all you have done to bring this out in the open. The people need to know the real truth.

semper fi.