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Jimmy Turner

I one day took a picture of a group of boys, (I was 14 or 15 years old), one was holding his crotch and I did not know it until they took me to the "White House" by an officer. I was in the Florida School for Boys for 10 months.

He told me to lay down on an old bed and grab a mouth full of an old pillow that was so dirty and stained that it looked like it came out of the garbage.. He had a long piece of leather strap about 2 or 3 inches wide and began to swing it over his head and down on my rear end leaving me numb, after he had hit me somewhere around 15 times I couldn't hardly get up, he then grabbed my neck and pushed me to the door, he grabbed me again and then pushed me back on the bed for another 5 or 6 licks because he said I gave him a "dirty look". I was bleeding and was sore for a long time.

I had made up my mind to get even w/him but never did. I feel like they were making hard criminals out of teen aged boys instead of helping them. Even today, I live in Marianna, and can't get close to the school without all that he did to me going thru my mind. I am 60 years old and I don't guess it will ever heal.

He was an evil man that never should have been working at the school. I really think he enjoyed beating boys the way he beat me. The people of Marianna should have known his other side like we did. How can anyone forget what happened to us in the "Whitehouse"?

We were not allowed to talk about what happened at the "Whitehouse". I would have been sent back if I did. I have prayed to God to help me forget but it still haunts me and always will.

I feel like the State of Florida knew what was happening to us in the "Whitehouse", but did not do anything about it and I was scared to say anything because when you have to talk about it to the law or the state it would have gotten back to the officers in charge and I was afraid of that, afraid of them.

I personally feel like the graves bear checking out and the "Whitehouse" torn down and bring the names of the evil men that beat these boys at the school out to the public.

I want to thank you all for bringing this out to the public and maybe after all these years letting us, the "Boys of the Whitehouse", put to rest our feelings and "The Whitehouse Nightmares." Jimmy Turner

Marianna, Fl.

If I can be of any further assistance; please feel free to call me at:

Jimmy Turner

850-352-4541 home evenings

850-718-6080 cell

email: jimmyturner48@yahoo.com