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My brother Gregory Sampson went to the State reform school in 65 or 64. He died in June of 66 at 14. He was in great health when he got there. He came home in a wheel chair and couldn't walk. He could not speak, One eye had a patch the other he could not see too good. He had a bandage around his head. I wish I could find the truth about what happen. He died not to long after coming home. Died at St. Vincentís Hospital in Jacksonville on June 3rd. He was buried at St. Maryís cemetery in Jacksonville.

When I was 14 I also went there and thatís the first time I heard of what goes on in the white building. A couple of other kids told me that they knew my brother, had told me they the staff would take him there. I was there twice 66-67, 69 In 69 I finally escape and left the state and kept going. When I was in the army the state sent me a letter and said they consider me no longer a truant from the state of Florida and I'm welcome to come back. What should I do?