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Roger, Al Sexton here.

1957-1958 FSB. While thinking of the most licks any boy from side one endured. What I'm recalling is a boy from cottage 7, his name was Hutch, which was short for Hutchinson. The substitute cottage father's wife (Glass) enticed Hutch to fornicate with her and they were caught. Naturally, it would be degrading for the schools reputation and as a result, the blame was put on Hutch. The women was in her 20's and Hutch was 15 or 16.

I remember Hutch because he was on the boxing team and he was a boy that rated within the population. Many of the boys talked about the happening and how Hutch got over 150 licks. I do not recall ever seeing him again and I was released shortly thereafter.

Please post this story on "Victim's Stories" and thank you Roger. Alan N. Sexton (1957-1958 FSB) Cottage # 5, The Aviation Cottage