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C.E. Gene Rogers, Jr.

Mr. Kiser,

FSB 1962 - 63

Mr. Kiser, I want to thank you and the others for bring all this to light it is a great thing you are all doing.

My name is C.E. Gene Rogers Jr. from Jacksonville Florida I was sent to FSB in 1962 and got out in 1963. My memories of that place have all but faded except one night at the White House that I will never forget. I when down for running away. Myself and 2 others Charles Caton and Hargarett Addison took off one night after our work assignment at the kitchen, we were caught after only a few hours and was taken back to the campus and straight to the White House for punishment.

I was the last to go in I remember counting each time Addison got hit 108 times, then Caton 91 times I was scared out of my mind at what was going to happen to me. I was taken to the room with the cot I remember what Addison had told me in the car on the way back to campus he told me not to tighten up and not to cry or scream they would beat me more if I did, I laid there and took 82 whacks from Troy “one arm” Tidwell I was not a tuff kid back then I was just scared. All this I am sure you and all the rest of us know all to well I just need to say it for the first time in over 46 yrs. Before this I had never told anyone about the time I when “down” not even my parents. I have looked at some of the depositions of Troy Tidwell and I could not believe my ears when he said that he only paddled us, the kids 5 or 6 times I all but choked after all these years He would lie like that. I am very sure my math skills are much more accurate then his. Again thank you.