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Gary Alexander

I'd like to talk to someone who was there with me 1954-56 era. Found a couple but no responses.

Still over- whelmed after finding this site. I'm a late comer it seems.

I went for joy riding around 1955.

Here's a pix taken behind cottage ? (can't remember name or # but it was furthest from mess hall as crow flies. Cottage father was Mr. Brubaker. I worked in the metal shop/electronics with a real nice guy Mr. McKecknie, a ham radio guy and also Mr. Hutchinson in the wood/industrial arts shop.

Took a beating once from Hatton for smoking, 6 licks and I bled from it. It is certainly something that will never be forgotten. That was some real serious pain.

Though I can say that my overall experience at FIS was not too bad, I guess I was just lucky. The thought of another trip to the white house was enough to make me forget cigarettes. It made me mad as hell and with a attitude. Not good.

Though I can say that my overall experience was not too bad as I was around 15 and maybe tougher than many of the others; I don't remember being mean myself or afraid of anyone, except Mr. Hatton. I didn't really have any issues, pretty mellow time of it I guess.

I know that they whipped ass all the time and I know some kids there were terribly traumatized by this jerk. I wish he and the others could be/have been punished.

Thank you Roger

Gary Alexander galxy99@hotmail.com