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Floyd Williams

My name is Floyd N. Williams, I live in Melborne, Florida. I was born and raised in Ft. Lauderdale, Sept. 11, 1939. After this was on CBS news, I went on the internet and read some of the stories.

First time:

I went to Florida Industrial School for Boys in the early 1950;s. Not too sure of what years I was there, but between 1951 and 1955. I was sent there for skipping school, the first time. Went in as a rookie, I think but went home as a grub. Because I did not get above grub, 3 weeks before going home had my last paddling.

I must have gone to the White House 10 or more times, told them I was not doing school work. That was why I was sent there, they tried to make me and they never did. After 5 or 6 White House trips they put me on everyday work (Painting Dept. down the hill).

The whippings were the worst experience of my life and only made me hate more and wished Hatton and Dozier would have a early death and a violent one and thinking maybe I could kill them.

I played quarterback on the football team, and pitcher on the baseball team. I would like to know of anyone that was there during the same time I was.

During my time at F.S.B. I was known as James Williams (Willie), quarterback and pitcher for baseball for Zych. My write ups was in the Yellow Jackets Newsltter during my two stays at FSB.

Second Time:

My second trip was during the same years as my first trip. I never went to the White House this second time. I don't know, not sure, but they didn't bother me as much, but I got more hate for those men that could beat 10, 14, 15 year olds that were new to life and made some bad choices in thier young lives.

After I left FSB, I became an alcoholic and a mean person. At 18 and older if I ever had run into any one of the people that paddled me, I would have gave them a good ass kicking. By then I was able to do it, too.

They made me hate people and I still do to this day and I'm 70 years old.

My stay in FSB did nothing but make me a bitter human being to this date. My hate is still as strong as ever for Hatton, Dozier, and Zych. I don't know how they could have looked at themselves in the mirror each day and think they are good men. Every one of them should be exposed to the public and retirement taken away and the money be given to kids that had to endure the punishment they inflicted upon us.

I never knew of any sexual abuse in my time there and by reading some of the others stories, it had to have gotten worse after my stay. The Governor can't bring back the dead, but maybe comensate the few that are not afraid to come public. Big chance he will!

Floyd N. Williams