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Roger Dean Kiser’s personal statement regarding the FDLE investigation.

It appears the FDLE has fully complied with Governor Crist’s request to identify the bodies buried in the 31-32 graves at the Dozier School for Boys at Marianna.

It appears that the State of Florida has wasted five months and many thousands of dollars searching out information most of which we supplied to them more than a year ago.

We did request that the bodies in that grave yard be indentified and that the families be notified and that the remains be given a proper burial. The actual request from the White House Boys was to see if any additional bodies had been buried in those same graves. That request was based upon the statements of several men who (as boys) came forward telling that they were taken from their beds late at night; driven to the White House building where they were ordered to load several sealed garbage cans and a fifty-five gallon drum onto a state truck, which was then delivered to the cemetery and unloaded. The boys were then taken back to their dormitory, told to shower and to keep their mouths shut. That request was also based upon as many as 50 to 100 boys who were taken from their beds late at night, taken to the White House or the Rape Room and were never seen or heard from again.

The White House Boys agreed to pay for ground penetrating radar devices to be brought in and search the cemetery and other areas in question, but the state refused to reply to our request.

Additional men have come forward and stated that they were ordered to dig graves in a wooded area several hundred yards behind the White House and Dinning Hall. These men have agreed to show FDLE where these graves are located but the state has refused to allow them enter the FSB property if anyone in the media accompanies them.

The report seems to imply that no one actually came forward to state that they actually witnessed anyone being killed. That is just one of many FDLE statements which is totally untrue and without merit.

Several men, myself included, witnessed boys being taken out into a tumble dryer at the laundry facility who appeared to be lifeless. I personally witnessed a boy taken from the dryer; his body covered in a sheet, chucked into the back seat of a state vehicle, bounce off the seat and onto the floorboard then driven away. The fact that the boy’s body was covered in a white sheet was enough for the investigators to say that I had not actually seen a dead body. Well the boy was dead and if what I saw was nothing more than a damn pizza it had two white arms, wore blue jeans and brogan boots.

Other stories have been brought forth which clearly state (by boys working on the kitchen crew) that at various times boys were taken into the White House for punishment; 20 or 30 minutes later the beaters came out alone, the door was locked behind them and the boy(s) were never seen again.

One of the first women police officers in the State of Florida had her brother killed while incarcerated at that same facility. His body was being stored for pick up by the family but then mysteriously or accidently got buried in that same cemetery.

Truth be known and somewhat embarrassing to the state; the reason the state does not want to exhume the bodies is because there are no bodies in that cemetery at all. It is a fact that the cemetery was (accidently?) plowed under several times for farming purposes. The actual location of the cemetery and/or the bodies is at present unknown to anyone.

I look at this investigation as nothing more than a farce. Who in their right mind would allow an alleged party to conduct an investigation into whether or not they are guilty of atrocities such as murder, rape, molestation or abuse? If the fox guarding the hen house appears to have blood on its mouth; does one ask him to investigate whether or not he is the guilty? If allowed; I wonder what the outcome might be.

As far as the town of Marianna being vindicated; that will never happen. Many still living in that area are as guilty as the employees who raped, molested and murdered many boy; mainly because they did not step forward and report those abuses. I have numerous letters from former residents who told me of the threats they received should they open their mouths. Their homes would be burnt to the ground, farm loans recalled, cattle poisoned and possibly they or their families might be shot.

Everyone seems to forget that the Florida Industrial School for Boys at Marianna was being operated by the Florida Department of Agriculture. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars worth of beef, pork, milk, sweet potatoes, peanuts, and vegetables were being sifted off from that school and sold in the local community. Young boys from the school, some as young a nine, were taken from the FSB School and made to load railroad cars sixteen (16) hours a day loading the goods for sale in other areas. This is the actual reason why the abuses were covered up for so many years. That is the factual reason why the community was told to keep silent or there would be hell to pay. No one in the Marianna community wanted boys to be raped, molested, beaten or murdered. But most knew what was happening at the school and for whatever reasons, they chose to remain silent.

I will shortly be receiving state records showing that several men employed at FSB were caught molesting boys and were paid off with an early retirement. One head psychiatric counselor was told to “keep your mouth shut,” “hit the road and don’t look back.”

If nothing more comes out of this mess; the citizens of the State of Florida will one day learn of the terrible, horrific abuses many of these men suffered. Beating so terrible and brutal that they can only be compared to what happened to children held in the Nazi Concentration Camps. I know that is hard for most people to believe but it is absolutely true.

The most difficult part for me was not the beatings or the molestations. I have come to terms with that aspect of my youth. What I never got over was that two or three minute walk to that damn White House Door. Not knowing if I was going to walk back out alive. I will never forget the endless hours, days, weeks and months not knowing if I might get another beating because I was smiling, or not smiling, If I should speak or not to speak. Was I eating to fast or eating to slowly. Should I take the chance to laugh with another boy about what we viewed in the Saturday outside movie or would they accuse us of talking about running away or planning to smoke a cigarette. Once I accidently stepped off the sidewalk on the way to the evening meal and one of the cottage-fathers reported me to Doctor Currie. After a twenty minute discussion his office; it was agreed that I would masturbate in front of him and not receive a White House beating.

These are the horrors that we men, as boys, experienced for many, many years.

Roger Dean Kiser