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Employee and Marianna Photos

Lenox Williams and Troy Tidwell

"Accidently step off that damn sidewalk young man and see what happens to your 'Out of bounds' little ass."
(Carlos Smith (smoking cigarette) and Mr. Davis on curb (nice guy)

Arthur Dozier

Lenox Williams Today - - - Lenox Williams-Head of FSB (1997)

Robert Loyal Currie
We know this is Robert Loyal Currie (on left) but is it the Robert Loyal Currie from the Florida School for Boys at Marianna? We know that this Robert Currie (left) donated one million dollars to Michigan State University after his death. Robert L. Currie died August 4th, 2000.

Robert M. Sealander
Cleveland Cottage-father and Home Life Supervisor.
After leaving FSB Robert Sealander joined the Peace Corps. He stated that he never got over having to "whip" the boys in his care. He never returned to the United States and died in Puerto Rico in 1999.

Troy Tidwell leaving deposition

Frank A. Zych-Coach/School Principal 1958/Superintendant of Okeechobee

Mr. Walker * Mr. James * Dr. Bloom

M. G. Crockett died August 27th, 2006

David R. Walters was born April 18, 1934 and died on October 14, 2003

Doctor Wexler is deceased but no date of death

Doctor L.E. Souza

Mr. Lawhorn and Nurse Womack

R.W. Hatton- This man was one evil son-of-a-bitch

J.B. Meyer