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Carl Ford

I was in Florida School For Boys in 1965- 1966 A very bizarre ordeal from day one.

The first day shots in both arms and assigned a cottage- Jefferson #3, locker 72. I got hit in the arm with a weight clip- got in a fight- got the living shit beat out of me. That night after shower line, I was held back to be questioned about what had happened to me. I told them I fell down the second floor stairs. They knew that was a lie, so right then I was not in good standing with them. But I got to rate a little with the boys, because I did not puke.

Interesting First Day!

I can't write about every detail, I'd have to write a book myself. So- just a few eerie facts:

I went to see Dr. Wexler with an infection in my left ear, which later turned into a chronic upper mastoid infection. When I got out, I had two operations, both un-successful, and this kept me out of the Army (tossed out of the induction center) in 1968.

Dr. Wexler gave me a shot of cold (straight from the icebox) Penicillin in the ass. "That's all you need!" He would boast.

Another time I was in a line with several other boys, naked, and the doctor would shake our penis instead of our hand. He dragged me out of the line of naked boys by my un-circumcised penis. He had a few comments about my foreskin, and then told me to bend over, and he burnt me on the ass with his cigar! Pretty funny stuff to every one there, except me, but enough with the trivial stuff.

My rank stayed low- grub- for fighting and horseplay. I had to sit alone behind a basement door on Christmas day. No visitors, and no presents. Then it happened- Mr. White and Mr. Miller came and got me one night in a 1955 ford and took me to the White House.

They beat me - one would hit me then the other one would hit the wall, then one would hit me. They kept saying "You better not look at us!" “You better not rise up!" "Keep your head to the wall!" Well whenever they got done, doing whatever it was they were doing, they told me to get up against the wall. Then they ripped my bloody gym crotches down from my bleeding ass. Blood was running down my legs, my back, my ass and my legs were beaten badly! One of the men said "We might send this boy to the infirmary." The other one said "You send him to cottage and make him RUN!" In shower line that night, Ray Hall saw me and saw the condition my body was in. He will testify if needed! I was denied visitors, they were turned away. I guess they did not want anyone to see the condition my "spanking" had left me in!

I got plenty mean, plenty fast, having to sit holding myself up with one hand and having to sleep on my stomach. Then they sent me to Wilson cottage, where I was released after 10 months and 23 days.

Despite all the mental and physical abuse, being deaf in one ear, having to live with chronic upper mastoid infection in my left ear for the rest of my life - I am alive and well - I AM A SURVIVOR - one of the White House Boys!