This web site contains stories of physical, mental, emotional, and sexual child abuse.

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Over the past ten years I have been asked to speak at many gatherings. I have spoken at the Kiwanis and Jaycee Conventions, 4-H Clubs as well as several collages and universities. The speeches I remember most are those I gave in the public school system.

As I talked about child abuse, and read my stories, I always look out into the crowd and try and decide who is or is not listening. Several times I have had to stop because I become emotional, mainly because I could see the children who knew exactly what I am talking about. I could see the hurt and the pain in their faces. This is true of both high school and elementary school students.

Their eyes don’t blink and they stare straight ahead. Mouths always open and they constantly swallow right before salvia begins to drip from their lips. They appear to be amazed that someone is able to tell them how they secretly feel. That someone is able to tell them what is hidden in that dark and secret place inside their heart.

‘Can you help me?’ is written all over their faces.

I look at each and every one of them and then I blink my right eye. They smile, knowing that I know and that I would hug them, and make the pain go away if I could.

Generally, after each speech I am silent while driving back to my home in Brunswick, Georgia. Their innocent little faces appearing, one after another, inside my head. I ask God to help them so that they do not turn out to be lonely like me, when they become adults.

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