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It is strange to me how some friendships are formed or maybe even created.

As I have been on Social Security Disability for almost fourteen years; it has been very difficult for Judy and me to save money to make repairs to our home. Finally after almost a year we managed to save enough money ($114.00) to buy another load of rock to go into the driveway. How wonderful it will be to pull into our dirt driveway and not get stuck in the mud when it is raining.

A friend of mine, who drives a dump truck, told me he would haul the rock for free. Not remembering what type of rock we had purchased several years before; I drove with Jim to the Seaboard Yard to see if I could find the same type of rock we had purchased before. As I walked around the yard, there were numerous piles of rock everywhere. I just did not know what rock to buy.

Finally, I pointed out a large pile which looked somewhat similar to what I had remembered from 2005. The rock was loaded, hauled to my home, and dumped in the driveway. No sooner than it had been dropped, I realized that I had made a terrible mistake. Nevertheless, my neighbors helped me smooth out the five tons of rock and mostly dirt. Within hours the rain came again the driveway was nothing more than a muddy mess. My heart sank in my chest as I stood on the porch realizing that the entire cost of the rock had been wasted. That it would take us at least another year to be able to save enough to redo the driveway. I also knew that I would have to suffer the wrath of my wife once she realized what I had done. Surprisingly, she said nothing when she returned home, but there was a look of disappointment on her face.

The next day I telephoned Seaboard and asked to talk with someone in that department. I explained the situation and ask the gentleman if there was any way they might consider giving me a discount, on the correct rock, if I could raise the money.

Without giving me a firm price, he told me to get my receipt and have Jim bring the truck back out to the yard. I went into the drawer, took out the money for the telephone bill and headed over to Jim's house. Within minutes we were headed to the rock yard. After the correct rock had been loaded we pulled up to the scales to be weighed. The man walked out and handed me a receipt through the truck window. When I looked at the paper, handwritten, across the center of the page were the words "NO CHARGE."

Unable to speak, because my throat was beginning to swell, I managed to mumble the words "thank you."

The next day I autographed two of my books and returned to Seaboard to thank Jimmy for his kindness. It is good to know that there are still good, kind, caring and understanding people left in this world.

It is important that we thank others for their kindness. Not because they expect it but because these are just a few of the qualities that we should cherish, and help to survive, for the benefit of all mankind.

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