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I guess I was eight or nine years old when I went to the beach for the very first time.

Living in an orphanage we kids never got to do much of anything, especially any of the fun things that other children got to do who had parents. That part of life was unimportant to me right now; all I cared about right now was that I was here and that it was a wonderful and happy day for me.

I walked along slowly twisting my feet into the wet sand as I traveled farther and farther down the beach. I had never experienced such a thing before. The sand, the crashing waves, the big white birds and all these people lying all over the place.

I made my way over to the water's edge, reached down and scooped up a handful of foam. I tasted it and stood there wondering why anyone would put salt in water. I turned around and looked as several men began to point and yell.


I looked toward the water and saw a young girl flinging her arms back and forth. The crowd got bigger and bigger but no one went in to try and save her. The young girl was screaming as she was being pulled farther and farther away from the beach. My little heart was beating ninety miles per hour and my eyes were open as big as saucers. From out of nowhere came this big red dog, with long hair. I watched as the animal ran into the water and began making its way toward the young girl. When the dog reached her she grabbed onto its back and it began to swim, down the beach, farther and farther away from us. There must have been ten-hundred-thousand people there and you could not hear a sound. The next thing I knew the young girl was walking out of the water.

Thousands of people began screaming and running toward the young girl. I placed my hands together as if I were giving thanks. When I looked toward the heavens I noticed that the large dog was still in the water and was getting smaller and smaller. It had not made it to the beach and was being pulled out into the ocean. I began to point and scream but no one would listen. I stood there watching as the large dog slowly disappeared into the distance.

I fell to my knees, covered my face and I began to cry uncontrollably. I was sad and I didn't care what anyone thought of me. Now even the beach had become a terrible place just like the orphanage where I lived.

"It's ok little boy the little girl was saved," a woman said, as she walked past me.

"But the dog is gonna die and it will be all dead," I screamed toward the heavens, as tears and slobber fell from my face.

Finally I fell forward almost burring my face into the sand. I must have laid there crying for more than thirty minutes.

"LOOK," yelled an old man, as he grabbed me and pulled me to my feet. Slowly I raised my head and looked toward the water. On the front of a small fishing boat stood the big red dog. It was barking and wagging its tail. As fast as I could I began running into the water. The water was up around my neck as I reached the boat. The big red dog jumped over my head and began swimming toward the shoreline. As quickly as I could I made my way back onto the beach. I stood watching as the dog ran over the dunes and disappear into the distance.

I fell to my knees, covered my face and I began to cry uncontrollably. I was happy and I didn't care what anyone thought of me.

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