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"In my house there are many mansions and the streets are paved with gold. That is what they told me,” said Emmett.

"Where are the mansions at?" I asked, with eyes opened wide.

"They didn't say. All they said was that they belonged to God."

Emmett and I, along with 18 other boys, continued walking toward Spring Park Elementary School. Every morning we orphans lined up at the orphanage office, picked up our brown paper bag lunches, and walked down the white rock road leading to the schoolhouse located next door to the orphanage.

All day long, I thought about those mansions and the streets that were paved with gold. "Where could all those gold streets be?" I thought to myself. After hours of thinking, I began to disbelieve what Emmett had told me. After school, I walked up to Mrs. Cherry and asked her if she had ever heard of such a thing.

"Yes, Roger, it is true."

I ran from the classroom, down the long hallway, and all the way back to the orphanage. I hurried into the Library, threw my schoolbooks down on the table, and grabbed a Bible from the bookshelf. I flipped from page to page as quickly as I could, hoping to find where the mansions were located. After thirty minutes or so, I had found nothing. However, later that night while watching television a new door was open to me. I could hardly believe it when I looked up and saw the mansion on television. It was white with five or six large pillars located in the front. It was located on top of a large hill, almost to heaven, just as the story had said.

Late that night when everyone was asleep, I woke Emmett. He and I, and two other boys began our search. As we made our way into downtown Jacksonville, we asked everyone we met if they had seen or heard of such a place. Within hours, the four of us stood before the mansion. As we made our way up the driveway, I checked the ground, but found nothing beneath our feet except dirt.

"Where is the golden road?" I kept asking.

"It must not be made yet," Emmett kept saying.

About half way up the hill, we saw car headlights coming toward us. The four of us jumped into the bushes. We watched as the car made its way up the hill. It drove around the mansion, and then drove back down the hill disappearing into the night.

Slowly we made our way up to the large structure. To our surprise, there was no front door in the opening. "Hellooooooo," I spoke into the darkness, as I stuck my head inside.

Very carefully, we walked inside and stood silently.

"It's sure a lot dark in here," said Emmett.

I struck several matches and noticed a stack of newspapers in the corner. We rolled several of them tightly together and made a paper torch. As the room lit up, we were amazed at the fancy, carved wooden balconies, which led up to the second level. There were five statutes of full-grown men still housed in wooden slatted crates. Along the walls were carved wooden borders with pictures of angels holding harps. The remaining stack of wooden wall panels were stamped “shipped from Africa” on the back of each board. I shook my head in amazement as I walked around the large room with forty-foot high ceilings.

“Where is all gold?" I kept asking.

“Why would God want gold anyway? Asked Emmett.

“GOD, I found the gold!" Yelled one of the boys who had come with us.

As we hurriedly made our way into a small bathroom, sure enough there was the gold. There were two golden faucets on each of two sinks, as well as on the shower. Even the toilet had golden handles, and a golden toilet paper ring was attached to the wall. We all stood in amazement. Not one of us said a word.

"Look, even the bolts holding down the toilet are made of gold," said Emmett.

Sure enough even the bolts were made of gold. This was truly the mansion mentioned in the Bible.

“Why would God have to use the bathroom? Asked Emmett.

“I don’t know,” said one of the boys. “But even if he did why would he have to use a toilet with gold on it?” He continued.

We just stood there pondering that question.

Cautiously I opened the cabinet door, looked under the sink, turned off the water valve, and then crawled inside. Emmett held the torch as I loosened the faucet with my fingers and removed it from the sink base. As I climbed out from under the sink, the three boys were standing there watching the golden faucet glimmer in the torch light.

"This will give us what we need when we grow up and get big, cause we ain't gonna have nobody to help us like other kids do," I whispered to them.

"WHAT THE HELL YOU BOYS DOING?" yelled a man's voice from the darkness behind us.

Shaking and gasping for breath, we turned but saw no one.

"What you got there?" said the man.

Slowly I held up the golden faucet in the flickering light.

"We...we got, uh… We got the gold from the sink," I said.

"Give me that damn faucet you little freak," said the man, as he walked into the light of the torch.

I backed against the wall holding onto the faucet as tightly as I could. "But we just want this little bit of gold for when we get big," I told him.

This is the new house for the Pastor," the man advised us.

"But why does the Pastor have to have all this gold when we are hungry?" I asked him.

"These fixtures were especially made in China for this HOUSE!” he screamed at me.

I started to run but was grabbed by the hair of my head. The large man and I fell to the floor where he began wrestling the faucet from my hands. I felt the skin on my hands tear as he pulled the faucet from my tightly held grip. I placed my bloody hands over my face and I yelled "GOD DON'T NEED ALL THIS GOLD. We just wanted a little bit for later."

I fell to my knees, placed my head down onto the floor and I began to cry uncontrollably. Everything became silent. I looked up and saw the man standing there staring at me.

"You stupid little bastard. Get out of here and don't come back!"

He raised his arm and threw the golden faucet towards me, as hard as he could.

I watched in slow motion, as the flickering faucet twisted end over end through the air. I screamed with pain as the sharp golden object struck my leg and embedded itself into my knee. I screamed again with joy as I reached down and pulled the golden treasure from my right kneecap. I pulled it to my chest where I hugged it as tightly as I could.

"Oh, God in your house there are many mansions,” I screamed loudly. I could taste my blood as I continually kissed the treasure. I cried in pain as I hobbled from the mansion and ran, as best I could, all the way back to the orphanage. The other three boys had disappeared into the darkness.

Somewhere on the orphanage grounds, out in the field by the blackberry bushes, is buried that golden faucet. The one made in China for the man on earth who represented God. That one little bit of gold would have given us a chance at a future, or so we thought. We kids had no mother or father to help or direct us. We owned not one shirt, one pant not even our shoes belonged to us. We owned absolutely nothing at all. Our hopes, all our dreams for a future were nothing more than a wish and we knew it. We were the four hungry little boys who had no future. Little boys who stole the Gold from the Mansion of God.

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