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Almost every night I lay in bed shaking my head, back and forth, as I watch the various commercials on television. I lay there wondering if I am the only one who realizes the stupidity and the con job that these people are playing on us consumers.

"It does not matter to us if you have bad credit. If you own your home, and it is worth more than $100,000.00 dollars we will give you a loan of $25,000.00 for only 257.00 per month. You are approved. Call us today at 1-800-Dumb-Ass."

Are we so stupid, as a people, that we cannot see that these companies are not trying to do us a favor, just because we have 'bad credit? Can we not see that what they are doing is searching out those individuals, who do have bad credit and are in need of money? Those they hope will not pay off the damn loan. Then that wonderful company, who loved them so much, will step in and take the home, putting $75,000.00 profit in their pocket.

The one that really kills me is the pharmaceutical company who advertises a pill that will make "Your life a thing of bliss and joy."

At the end of the commercial it quickly tells you that "Your bowels run off, or that you will become constipated. That your eyes will water, itch and burn, and that you might not be able to urinate. Your sex drives will completely vanish and that you may have a stroke, or heart attack. Oh, and your hair might fall out."

Well, holly crap boys. Give me ten bottles of that stuff. I really want to start liv'n life.

My favorite is the commercial selling the pills which make a man's penis grow large enough to make his wife smile from ear to ear.

I admit, I am not a rocket scientist, but it would appear to me, if the damn things really worked, that your fingers might get bigger and longer, or maybe just your left arm. That outta make any woman smile as she walks down the street with her man on her arm

"We LOVE to see you smile"

God knows I hate that commercial.

Are you going to tell me that the pimply faced little fart, standing behind the counter, picking his nose, cares if I smile or not? All he is thinking about is getting his paycheck a day early, jumping in that noisy piece of crap that he drives around town, and heading home to beat on the old whacker.

Start complaining at about12:37, holding up the lunch rush, and see how much the McDonalds Manager loves to see you smile. Maybe you could tell them you lost your job and that you are hungry and donít have any money. That should make them smile.

"These diet pills are much too expensive for those of you who have just a few "vanity pounds" say the commercial.

BOY! If those people are not looking for an idiot, I do not know who is.

TODAY'S AD: "What do frog legs and investment banking have in common?"

TOMORROW: "What do frog legs, with due on them, and investment banking have in common?"

DAY AFTER TOMORROW: What do frog legs, with due on them, which has melted, and investment banking have in common?"

I don't really know, but I am sure that you are going to tell me.

How many years can an ad agency make the same commercial, over and over, just by changing the words?

I don't know but it must be "Priceless?"

"New fall fashions have just arrived from Paris, France. Beautiful gowns, ranging in price from $25,000 to $37,000 now on sale for only $119.95. Mary's House of Dreams is now located on the second floor of the Dairy Queen, in Downtown Darien."

The women must have been lining up to call Capitol One when that radio commercial ran last week.

I can see the cook at Denny's Restaurant smiling to himself, as he tenderly turns over my ham and cheese omelet, after lightly buttering my wheat toast. Gee, that fellow must live his entire life just to come to work and cook breakfast for me. That's really true, ain't it?

I mean is it all just a "con job" or do they really think that we are stupid? On the other hand, are we really that stupid?

Is someone going to come along, one day and tell us the truth? Where is the fellow who is going to tell us that he has a product that he believes in? That it is fairly priced and that he needs "us" and "our money" in order to stay in business, and to make a living for his family? That because he needs to get into our wallets, and purses, that he is going to be fair with us. That he is going to be honest and that he is going to treat us with respect.

Why is it that no company, or ad agency wants to tell us the truth? We know the truth, and they know that we know the truth. So why is it they want to fill us with con jobs and untruths, and why does it appear that we love to have them do that to us?

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