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I have never been one to dream. In fact, I cannot recall having very many dreams, at least not very many that I can remember. Maybe a daydream, here and there when I was too lazy to do my work.

Another thing that has always disturbed me is those psychic people, the ones that try to convince me that they know my father's name. The only thing I felt they knew for sure was that his name POSSIBLY began with a letter between the letters "A" and "Z". They did hit that one right on the head. I think I stood there in awe for almost an hour after hearing that valuable information.

The UFO phenomenon has always been a topic that has interested me. I watch the various television shows and I try to make my determinations based on the logical evidence, rather than the strange tales or eyewitness accounts.

Logic tells me that there must be life out there somewhere. I have also determined that human form could exist without having oxygen. Who is to say that we could not have formed, over many thousands of years, in order to breathe a strange gas, or other substances? Would our bodies develop to survive the environment around us?

Several nights ago, I had a dream, which has haunted me for several days now. I just cannot seem to shake it off.

In the dream, I was standing in my backyard when I saw a strange craft slowly skimming the tree line. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. I stood there watching as it crossed the large ditch and then just sat there motionless, about fifty feet from me. Slowly, and without making a sound, it began to lower itself to the ground. I just stood there watching. I was not scared; I did not move. I just stood there watching.

When the craft landed, it just sat there. There were no lights and there was no movement. It just sat there doing absolutely nothing.

Several minutes passed before I began thinking rationally.

"Maybe I should get my camera," I thought.

I tried to take a step but my legs would not move. Other than being able to think, I had no control over my body.

All at once I heard someone speak but I could not understand what they were saying. It was not like a language but more like a broken tone. Almost like hearing a Morse code, tapped in music.

As I stood there listening, the code began to change its sound. It continued to change until all at once I could hear the English language being played in what appeared to be a musical tone. I tried to open my mouth to speak, but I could not. I tried to move my eyes but they would not move.

"THINK ONLY. ONLY THINK," I heard inside my head.

"Can you hear me?" I thought inside my head.

"I HEAR YOU," was the return thought.

"Who are you?" I asked, in thought.

"I AM YOU," went the reply.

I stood there wondering what to do.

’Can you tell me who you are?’ I thought.

There was no answer.

"Can I get my camera and take a picture?" I thought.

Still there was no answer.

"I AM YOU," came a thought.

I stood there wondering if it was me thinking "I AM YOU", or if it was the craft.

I thought for a moment and then I thought, "Can you make someone live forever"?

"I CAN CHANGE NOTHING," came the reply thought.

"Am I making up all this crap inside my own head?" I thought to myself.

"Who are you?" I thought, again.


"I am me. How can you be me?"

"I AM YOU (something) YEARS FROM NOW.

"But I'll be dead then," I thought.


"Can you change things now?"


"Do you look human, like me?"

There was no reply.

"Are you human?" I thought again.

There was no thought.

"Are you us. Are you Human Beings many, many years from now? Is that what you are trying to tell me?"

There was no answer.

"Can I see what you look like?" I thought.

Again, no return thought.

"If you are real, can you give me a sign? Can you make a leaf fall from a tree and land in front of me?" I thought.


"Am I going to know anything after I'm dead?" I thought.


"Are you me, in the future?" I thought.

No thought returned.

"Are you the human race somewhere way off in the future?"

There was no thought.

Where do you live?"


I stood there confused, trying to think of something important to ask. Something that might make me understand what it was that was happening.

All at once, the craft began to rise above the ground. Slowly it began to move over the treetops and it disappeared in a flash.

Is it possible there is another dimension of which we are aware? Is it possible that these craft are human beings in the future? Maybe even ourselves?

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