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I was walking into Staples Supply Store this morning to get a ream of printing paper. As I approached, I opened and held the door for a woman pushing several small babies in a stroller. As I greeted her with a “good Morning,”, a nicely dressed woman, evidently very wealthy, walked past her and said “You really have some nerve coming out in public with your teeth like that.” I just stood there having no idea what I should say, or not say.

Deciding to let it drop, I walked to the back of the store and began looking for the paper aisle. The more I walked around the more I thought about what the woman had said. The more I thought about it the more it seemed to bother (hurt) me. I was really surprised as I thought I was past that stage in my life; a time when bullies and disrespectful individuals could get under my skin.

Back in 1983, as a young boy, I was working at the Roller King Skating Rink, in Modesto, California. Out back there was a miniature golf course that I had to patrol every hour or so. As I rounded the large building I saw four boys pulling a young girl into the back seat of their automobile.

“Come on, let’s ---- this bitch,” yelled one of the boys.

I ran toward the car screaming as loudly as I could. When I reached within several yards of the automobile, one of the young men came at me with a tire iron. I turned and ran toward the golf shack, yelling at the young lady inside to “call the police.” When I turned around the young man was almost on top of me. I grabbed the telephone, ripping it out of the counter wall and threw it toward him. When he ducked, I noticed another of his friends coming at me with a small frying pan. Before I knew it he hit me directly in the face with the iron skillet, knocking loose my top teeth.

Somehow, the young girl managed to get lose from the four boys and was now standing against the brick wall, covering her face. The boys piled into the old car and squealed out of the parking lot.

When the police arrived, a report was made and I was taken to the emergency room at Scenic General Hospital. I was released several hours later and was told that my teeth would be okay but that I would most likely lose my two front teeth in a few years. When I returned to work the next day; I was terminated because I had ripped the telephone out of the wall, causing the entire telephone system to be down for the remainder of the day (“A loss of several thousand dollars’).

Well, my teeth managed to stay intact for the next forty-two years. Several months ago one of the teeth became lose and fell out during the night. I visited a local dentist and the price quoted to replace the tooth was much more than I could afford, considering I am on disability and have no dental insurance coverage.

The point of this story is this: Before judging someone about their teeth or any affliction for that matter; they might want to give a little more consideration as to the circumstances surrounding the situation. Should I happen to come across another such event; I do not want to have to second guess or wonder if the consequences are not worth the effort.

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