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I could hardly believe my eyes as I checked off the numbers on the lottery ticket which I had purchased the day before. Sure enough all six numbers were correct. Had the time finally come for me to become a millionaire, several times over? Had my ship finally come in, as they use to say in the olden days.

I suppose any one who has played lotto has thought about what they would do if they won several million dollars. Many would stop working and just travel around the world. Some would give to charity and I suppose that there are some who would keep it all for themselves.

Shaking my head I slowly reached over and I picked up my black address book. I opened the leather case and I took out a yellow piece of paper which, many years ago, I had tucked inside the front cover. Written on that paper were the names of twelve people who had either helped, or been kind to me through out my life. Very carefully I wrote out, and I signed, twelve individual checks for one hundred thousand dollars. With a big smile on my face I placed each one of the checks into separate envelopes and I sealed each one.

Next I reached over and I picked up the telephone and I called United Airlines. I ordered two first class tickets. The time had also come for me to repay my wife for her sacrifices and for her years of loyalty.

"Hon, are you awake?' asked my wife, as she poked me in the side.

I opened my eyes and I saw that my wife was looking directly at me.

"Boy I had this weird dream." She said.

Yea, I had one myself." I told her, as I began to stretch and yawn.

"Did you check the lottery ticket numbers yet?" I asked her.

"The lottery drawing is not until tonight." She responded.

As I dressed I thought about my dream and what would make me happy should I win the lottery. Hunting down those twelve people and repaying them for their kindness would be the first thing on my list. Little did they know that their kindness toward me was an investment in their own future. I smiled as I thought about finding and hugging each and every one of them.

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