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As I a waiting in line at the Post Office this morning, a woman in her mid thirties was fumbling in her purse trying to get the correct change to mail a rather large package. Not having quite enough money, she asked the postal clerk if she could leave the package on the counter for a few minutes while she ran out to her car to get enough money to pay the postage. He advised her that he could not allow her to do that as the package was rather large and would get in the way of other customers.

With much difficulty, she was trying to get the large box off the counter when the man in line behind her reached over and picked up the package. As he sat it down on the floor he looked at the woman and said “Isn’t an APO address something to do with the military?”

She nodded her head to the affirmative, and said “Just a batch of cookies and candy for the boys and girls.”

“Must be a great big batch,” I replied, as I laughed.

The man picked up the package and sat it back onto the counter.

“I would like to mail this,” he told the clerk.

The clerk processed the large box and sat it behind the counter. After purchasing a book of stamps the man turned toward the woman and said “Next time you send the fellows a batch of cookies tell them we appreciate what they are doing.”

The woman held out what money she had in her hand. The rather heavyset, baldheaded, leather covered and almost completely tattooed biker dude said “Put it on the next batch of cookies.” He turned and headed toward the glass door.

Smiling, the woman looked up at me. As she did, I winked. “Sorta makes you wonder, don’t it,” I said, as I smiled back at her.

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