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I would guess that our dogs have a very good life. They have a large fenced back yard, plenty of food and water, as well as a heated/air conditioned back porch to sleep on. Even with all that, one of the cocker spaniels still chose to lie at the laundry-room door with her nose sticking out from underneath the door after they were put to bed for the night. Sometimes she would lie there for hours just hoping that someone would come into the laundry-room to do a load of laundry before we went to bed. She was just that kind of a dog-all that waiting just to be close to you. That is what made "Precious" a very special type of dog.

On Sunday Judy and I drove to Jacksonville, Florida to attend a friend's wedding. When we returned home there was that little black nose pushed as far as it could underneath the laundry-room doorway. But this time there was no whimper to be heard. Not a sound, whatsoever.

"Roger," screamed Judy, as I rounded the corner. "My Precious is dead," she continued, as she began to cry.

Slowly I pushed open the door and there lay our gentle Precious laying totally motionless. Her body was cold and still.

After changing my clothes we laid Precious to rest in the area where she loved to sun, a place that I would pass every single day, so that I could speak to her.

I will forever remember her little black nose waiting at the doorway hoping to be petted and loved. She was a small black dog who asked for nothing except to be recognized as part of the family.

After burying Precious I made her three promises: that the laundry-room door would never again be closed, that her daughter, mother and father would never again have to press their little noses underneath the door and that our entire house would be open to ALL who live in this family.

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