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"You stop this damn car you crazy son-of-a-bitch and you stop it right now," I yelled out at Johnny.

As the car came to a stop, I opened the passenger door and I jumped out.

"This is a bunch of bull-crap and I want no part of it. You hear me. No part of it," I said, as I slammed the car door shut.

I began walking back down the road towards the young woman who had got out of the car several minutes before. I turned around and watched as the car sped off and disappeared in the ice fog.

It must have been 30 below zero and it was as dark as I had ever seen it. The snow was piled along the roadway four to five feet high.

"I'm sorry about what’s happening," I said, to the girl, as I approached her.

"I don't know what we are going to do. We must be twenty miles from town," she told me, in a somewhat shaky voice.

Jimmy had called me at home and asked me if I wanted to go out for a few beers. When he arrived at my house there was a young woman sitting in the back seat with another young man named Johnny.

"Who’s that?" I asked.

"Some girl we met down at the Gold Rush Saloon. She wants to party, so let's party," Jimmy said.

We stopped at a bar and we picked up a case of beer and then off we headed down the highway that led to Anchorage, Alaska.

After we had had three or four beers a piece Johnny was trying to put a move on the young lady. The entire time she kept resisting his advances.

"It's either you put out or walk back to town," Johnny told her.

All at once Jimmy pulled the car off the side of the road. He got out and opened the rear door. The girl grabbed her coat and she jumped out of the car. Jimmy slammed the back door shut and he jumped back into the car and began to drive away.

"What are you doing?" I asked him.

"Gonna leave the bitch here."

"This is crazy and you can't do that. She will freeze to death. I can't believe that the two of you would do something like this," I told them both.

I demanded that they stop the car and that they let me out. I had done a lot of bad things in my life but taking advantage of someone sexually was not going to be added to that list.

"I guess we'll just have to try and walk," I told her.

We must have walked, shivering, for ten minutes or so before we saw headlights coming towards us. Once again it was Johnny and Jimmy.

"You two idiots get in," said Jimmy, as he rolled the window back up.

The girl and I climbed into the back seat and began to get ourselves warm.

"I can't believe this shit. I just can't," I said to the two young men. "Just can't believe it." I said again, as I hit the back of the front seat.

"You ain't never done this before?" asked Johnny.

"Never," I told him. "I would be too embarrassed to do something like this."

Not much else was said as we made our way into downtown Fairbanks. I had them drop the girl and me off at the Coop Drug Store on Second Avenue. I tried for more than an hour to get the girl to report them to the police but she wouldn't do it.

After I left the girl off at the drug store I called the police. When they learned that the girl was an Eskimo named Netti Anooklook they seemed to not be interested in pursuing the matter.

Over the next week or two I learned that Johnny and Danny had done this many times. Even to this day I have never understood how any man can get sexually aroused when forcing a woman to have sex with them.

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