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I was sitting in a restaurant on Saint Simons Island the other night as the Coastal Georgia Writers Group was about to begin its monthly meeting. One of the members started the meeting by reading something titled "Two Wolves." I would like to borrow the point of that story to make a point about my own life. Hearing that piece was such an awakening for me.

For nine long years, I sat in a Jacksonville Florida orphanage. Between the physical, mental and sexual abuse I had absolutely no life to speak of. After leaving the orphanage, I spent another two years in the Florida School for Boys at Marianna. From there I made my way to jail and then on to prison. I walked out of prison on February 6, 1969. Never again did I ever get into trouble with the law.

During that time there were two different little boys living inside of me. One little boy was full of greed and hatred. He was a bit vindictive and cruel. At times, he was even spiteful and somewhat self-centered. Maybe even a bit arrogant, here and there.

There was also another little boy living inside of me. That little boy was full of kindness, compassion, respect, consideration and tenderness. Those good feelings were taught to me by a handful of strangers, strangers who took the time to kneel down and wipe away my tears and my fears.

I have always wondered why the good little boy won the battle over the bad little boy. I suppose the kind little boy managed to survive and win the battle because he was the wolf that I chose to feed.

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