This web site contains stories of physical, mental, emotional, and sexual child abuse.

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I have a small home office set up in a spare bedroom of my mobile home. Over the last ten years, this is where I have written most of my books and more than eight-hundred stories on child abuse and related issues. Also, in that room is a small table I built when I was a young boy living in a Jacksonville, Florida orphanage. On that table sits a small color television with two different video game units attached for the grandchildren to play when they visit on weekends.

I do not like the newer video games as they are to violent; so I purchased several of the older units, along with twenty game cartridges, which I thought the kids might enjoy. It seems to keep them busy and it appears to me that it teaches them excellent hand-eye coordination.

Last Saturday my four-year-old granddaughter, Madison, came over to spend the weekend with “Granny” and “Papa.” I generally work at my computer writing a story or two and she jumps right into the video games. Though only four, she seems to get frustrated very quickly, just like her Papa. All at once I heard her yell “CRAP.”

“What did you say little lady?” I asked, as I spun around in my swivel chair.

“I’m sorry Papa. I didn’t mean to say a bad word.”

“Come here and sit on Papa’s knee. I want to have a talk with you.”

Slowly, with her finger in her mouth, she walked to my desk and climbed up into my lap.

“You know something?”

“What’s that Papa?”

“You can be the nicest person in the world and nobody will know that. You can go to church every Sunday, give to charity and help save abused animals and no one will know what type of person you really are.”

“Then how to people know who you are?”

“People who do not know you base their first opinion of you by the words that come out of your mouth. By the words you say when they hear you speak. If you use bad words people will automatically think that you are a bad person, even if you really are a good person.”

“I’m sorry Papa. I don’t want people to think that I’m a bad person ‘cause I know I’m a good person inside my heart.”

“I know you are honey. Why don’t you go and get the two of us a cold Coca Cola from the refrigerator.”

Jumping down from my lap; she headed off to the kitchen. As I turned around to finish my story the electric went off for several seconds and then came back on, causing my computer to shut down. Realizing I had lost more than two hours work; I slammed my hand down on the desk as hard as I could. When I looked up, there stood Madison holding out my Coke.

Not saying a word, I took the coke and nodded my head forward thanking her. She turned, walked to the small table and began playing her video game. I sat at my computer vigorously mumbling and tapping my fingers on the desk top waiting for the unit to reload. All at once I felt someone tap on my shoulder. I turned to see Madison standing next to me.

“Papa, can I say something important?”

“Sure honey.”

“You remember when your computer cut off and you lost you story?”

“I SURE DO,” I responded, rather loudly.

“Well, people are gonna think you're a real bad person.”

“You think so?”

“I know so, Papa.”

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