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"Momma, look at the puppy by the window," yelled the little girl.

When the mother looked over at the sliding glass door, sure enough there was a small reddish-brown Cocker Spaniel puppy clawing at the glass.

"Can she come in? Please mommy, let her come in," said the little girl.

"It's not our dog. Just leave it alone. Get away from the window and don't play with it," said her mother.

For almost an hour, the little girl sat across the room watching the small puppy being soaked by the rain. It yelped, it cried and it constantly clawed at the glass door. Finally, the mother opened the door and brought the puppy inside. She dried off the small animal and then sat it down on the carpet for the little girl to play with. She then went to the phone and called the animal shelter.

"Yes, in fact we have had several calls this morning about a small reddish-brown Cocker pup that was lost over off Reynolds Street," said the lady at the shelter.

I think we have the puppy. We'll be there in 15 minutes," said the mother.

"Please let me keep the puppy, mommy. Please!" the little girl pleaded.

"I don't allow any animals in the house. You know that Penny Marie. Besides, the dog belongs to someone. Get your rain coat on and we'll take the puppy to the shelter."

The small puppy constantly licked on her hand. The little girl cried all the way to the animal shelter. There was something very special about this puppy dog and the little girl knew it in her heart. When they arrived, sure enough there was a woman standing at the counter.

"There's my puppy," said the woman running over to the small animal.

Carefully, she took the dog from the little girl's arms.

"Thank you so much for finding my dog. What is your name little girl?" asked the woman.

"Penny Marie Muckenfuss," said the little girl.

"Well that is what we are going to name this puppy - Penny Marie," said the woman.

That did not mean much to the little girl. Her heart was broken and nothing anyone could say would stop the pain.

"Well that is the story of my first little puppy. That was almost 40 years ago now," said the woman to her son as she sat on the side of his bed.

"Could we get a puppy like that puppy, momma?" asked the little boy.

"I'll tell you what let's do. Let's get the newspaper and see if we can find us a puppy.

"Registered Cocker Spaniel Pups for sale," read the ad in the paper. Off to the telephone went the two of them.

"We will be there at eight o'clock in the morning said the mother, as she hung up the telephone. The next morning, the two of them were at the address listed in the ad. The mother was rather surprised to see a puppy identical in color to the one that she had wanted when she was a little girl.

The registration papers were filled out and the small puppy was paid for. After they arrived home, the mother filled out the registration papers for her puppy, naming the dog "Penny Marie Muckenfuss." She then placed the letter in the mailbox.

Almost two weeks later, she received a letter from the American Kennel Club, which read as follows: "We would like to suggest that you pick another name for your puppy as the great grandmother of your animal was formally registered with the name "Penny Marie Muckenfuss."

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