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There are times when many of us look back at our past as parents and guardians. We may sometimes wonder if we could have done things just a little bit differently when it came to raising our children.

We remember the times we had to spank or correct them for something that they might have done wrong and the time that they ran out into the street without looking, making our hearts race at 90 miles per hour. We also recall the time they almost knocked the pan of hot water off the stove after being told to say out of the kitchen.

There was once a father who went to visit his son at a prison here in Georgia. He was sentenced to five years for breaking into someone's house, and stealing their lawnmower and tools. As the father got up to leave, he asked his son to give him a hug. As they wrapped their arms around one another, the young boy bit his father lightly on the cheek.

"Why did you bite me like that?" the father asked as he stepped back from his son.

"Father, I want you to go home and for the next couple of days, I want you to look at that bite mark in the mirror. Look at it every single morning, until it goes away. I am here in this terrible place not only because of what I did, but because you always gave me my way. You always thought that because I was your son, I could do no wrong. Never once did you correct me. Father, don't you know that children deserve much better than that?" asked the young boy.

Oh, how true are those words. Our children do deserve to be corrected and punished, if necessary. It is not only our duty; it is our responsibility to make sure that our children know the difference between right and wrong, as well as good from bad.

So the next time you have to get onto your children, you might feel a little guilty when peering into their little faces as they sleep later on that evening. But as a good parent, you can smile and know in your heart that your child is loved enough and that he or she is special enough to deserve to be corrected. A child deserves to be disciplined and a child deserves to be headed in the right direction.

Those bite marks finally left my cheek, but they will forever remain inside my heart.

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