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I am the guy when he hears about a school shooting is not shocked whatsoever, because he totally understands both sides of the issue.

I am the guy who has a tear rolling down his cheek and stands with much American pride every time he hears Lee Greenwood sing "God Bless the U. S. A."

I am the guy who cried a tear when I ‘felt’ the doctor's beautiful wife kiss the Elephant Man on the cheek.

I am the guy who cannot love you as a neighbor or a friend, yet I would give you the shirt off my back if you needed it.

I am the guy who listens to the song "Old Rivers" by Walter Brennan and remembers "Old Black Mac," the grounds keeper at the orphanage in Jacksonville, Florida, who out of kindness buried my dog for me. He is the one man who is most responsible for making me give every person, regardless of their race, color or creed, equality in my eyes.

I am the guy, who sometimes has a dirty thought when he sees a beautiful woman walking down on the street, but will keep his thoughts to himself and keep his mouth shut, because he has respect for others.

I am the guy, who would run to help you if you were hurt or in an accident and would not think twice about doing it.

I am the guy, who married the woman with the big black dog, yet ends up getting the 50 per cent of the dog that uses the bathroom.

I am the guy, who curses when you call him at 3 a.m., yet will always comes to help you.

I am the guy, who will forget the millionaire who gave me $1,000 when I was down and out, but will forever be grateful to the friend who gave me $50 out of his $122 pay check.

I am the guy, who was so far off the deep end after his 20-year marriage ended in divorce (because of his stepchildren) that he could have taken another human life, as well as his own.

I am the guy, who cannot stand for someone else to drive slowly in the fast lane and who will not get over, no matter what.

I am the guy, when at the store, who puts five or six pennies in the cup for others to use for every penny that he had ever taken for him.

I am the guy, who when he finds your wallet or purse always battles within himself, but in the end always returns it and is too embarrassed to take the reward.

I am the guy, who cannot stand bullies, and will not stand by and see a human being pushed around or an animal hurt.

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