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I sat there on the small swing bench out by the pond holding onto a cane pole hoping to catch a fish. I had heard that there were fish in my neighbor's pond, however, I really did not expect to catch anything, because this darn kitten of theirs kept trying to grab at my line and I was really getting quite frustrated with the little thing.

I stopped, put down the fishing pole, picked up the kitten and carried her to the opposite side of the pond where I sat her down. I walked back to the swing, picked up my pole and once again began to fish. Almost instantly, the cork went down and as I pulled back, sure enough there was a fish about the size of my hand on the end of the line. As I tried to free the fish so I could put it back in the water, it leapt from my hand and began to flip all over the place. Within a second or two, that darn kitten was all over me and was trying to get right in the middle of all the action.

I freed the fish and put it back in the water. I once again, I picked up the kitten, carried it back around the pond and sat it down by the edge of the wooden dock. The kitten ran out onto the floating dock and started playing with a grasshopper, which was on the end of the dock. All of a sudden, the grasshopper lunged toward the kitten making her jump backwards. She fell into the pond and began to sink. I ran onto the dock and tried to grab the animal, but I could not reach her. I ran off the dock and toward the fence where I saw a long metal pole with a net on the end of it. As I tried to unhook the pole from the fence, I heard a large splash behind me.

As I turned around, I saw the neighbor’s large German Shepard swimming toward the small, wet kitten. He grabbed it in his jaws and swam toward the bank. The dog walked up onto the grassy bank, laid the kitten down and began to shake himself off. The kitten gave out a long hissing noise. Then she attacked the dog’s large nose and held on with all four feet. The dog ran around in a circle trying to shake the small, furry critter off his face. Finally, the kitten fell to the ground and the dog immediately began to lick the water off the kitten's body.

The kitten then ran around the large dog and began to attack his tail. The large dog turned around in a circle several times, rolled the kitten over with his paw and held it down. The two began to chase one another around the yard and once again, the kitten grabbed the dog by the face with all four paws and would not let go. I hollered at them and the kitten let go of the Shepard. The big dog then raised his back leg and let the kitten have it full blast.

The last I saw of the two of them was when they rounded the corner of my neighbor's house still going at it with one another like Gomer Pyle and Barney Fife arguing and wrestling over a comic book. I guess what they say about friendship is also true even in the animal kingdom. "One day, you might be the dog and the next day, you might be the hydrant." But being there when a friend is truly needed is what really counts when it's all over and done.

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