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Many a year I worked as an Emergency Medical Technician in Georgia and Wyoming, drove an ambulance and played doctor, as well as nurse to hundreds upon hundreds of people.

During that time, I suppose that I saved many a life. That was back along time ago when you did not need a medical diploma or a college education to help other people who were hurt, crying or suffering.

I was watching television the other night and once again, I saw three people receiving medals and awards for their bravery, resulting from a car pile-up on a foggy freeway somewhere. I never got any darn medals or certificates for my bravery and I never expected any. That was my job and I did it well. I have never thought that what I did for a job was any more important than the waitress who serves me my meal in a restaurant or the plumber who fixes my toilet or the man who empties my garbage every Thursday morning.

Yesterday as I walked around the mall, I decided that I needed to rest my tired old bones on one of the many wooden benches that were evidently made for young rear ends. I sat for about half an hour looking into peoples' faces. I wondered if some of them might be the children or grandchildren of someone whom I might have saved many years ago. If I did come across one of them, I would not know whom they were, just as they would not know whom I am. I would be just an old man sitting on a hard wooden bench, just watching young lives go by.

Yes, it feels very good for this old man to look out into any crowd, anywhere that he goes and know that he has hundreds of living, breathing trophies all walking around smiling, laughing and enjoying a wonderful life, all because he did his job and did it well.

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