This web site contains stories of physical, mental, emotional, and sexual child abuse.

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I have been invited to speak before the Florida Sate Senate in late September or early October. The White House will be destroyed the next day in a special ceremony at FSB. We are not sure who all will attend as this has been kept somewhat secret. Hopefully, some of the former boys will attend, other than Robert, Michael and I.

I hope that the Florida State Senate will realize that The White House created more criminals for the State than did any rehabilitation that might have come from that facility. It might be one thing to scare the crap out of children (Tough love) but to beat it out of them is far beyond what was just, fit and proper.

I am sure one of the questions I will be asked is, “Can you give us any information about what was now being called “The rape room.”

I will place both hands over my face and I will answer, “Gentleman, I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that it might incriminate my right to be a man. I have nothing more to say in reference to that question or its content.”

There have been many terrible things that we children endured at the hands of the State of Florida, both at the Children’s Home Society in Jacksonville, Florida as well as at the Florida School for Boys at Marianna. There were some things that happened to the children that were just too horrible to think about, much less write about. I find it necessary, on certain subjects, to write these/those lines always leaving myself outside those perimeters. If ever I decide to write stories about the rape room,” it will always be written in “the third person.”

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