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The large tree stood perfectly motionless, even though the wind was blowing through it outstretched arms at more than 30 miles per hour. It's tired limbs sagging a bit, stripped of leaves and it's bark slowly peeling away near the bottom of the tree, as thousands of insects ate away at the heart of the once beautiful giant.

As I was leaving Canada to head back to the United States after attending the Heartwarmer’s conference, I walked up to the tree when I noticed that someone had driven 10 or 11 nails into it's trunk. All the way home, I thought about that tree and it made me realize something very important about human beings.

If only 10 small nails could kill such a large beautiful tree, how many nails have we driven into our fellowman over the years? How many little nails have we unintentionally driven into our children and our friends causing their leaves to become weathered and their mighty limbs to droop?

The shock to me was when I realized that it was not really the nails that killed the tree at all. It was the big hammer that they choose to use in order to drive the nails in. Starting today, I will still continue to carry a nail or two. It is the hammer that I have chosen to throw away.

Roger Dean Kiser, Sr.

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