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I did not know until I married my wife that most waitresses only receive about $2 per hour. In addition, they pay 8 per cent of all food sales in taxes, even if they do not receive a tip. That means if a party of six orders a meal costing $100 and they do not leave a tip, the serving waitress still owes $8 in taxes.

I have met many waitresses throughout the years. Most are good at what they do; then again, there are some who are very bad.

There is one waitress who outshines any I have ever met. Her job is very important to her. However, more important to her is the fact that her customers always come first. ALWAYS.

There have been times when I have actually seen her almost in a gallop, running down isles to get customers their food while it is still hot. I have seen her argue with the cooks if the plate and food do not look presentable. Many of her customers are amazed that she can remember their names and what they drank the last time they visited the restaurant.

I have watched her as she walked behind the waitress station, crouched down and rubbed the calves of her legs because they hurt so badly. I have seen her hold her composure and smile when some patrons have treated her with undeserved disrespect.

I have seen her smile as she cleaned up a table after receiving only a $1 tip and after serving a table of eight people a six-course meal. I have seen her down on her hands and knees cleaning up food people allowed their children to throw beneath the table. I have seen her nearly cry when one drunken male customer asked, "What can I get from you if I give you a $5 tip?"

Yesterday, I went to the trophy shop and purchased a large plaque. I had it engraved with the following:

"A special thanks for your many years of excellent service, and for the pride that you have taken in your work as a waitress. It is very much appreciated.


I took the plaque home to be given to the waitress the next time I saw her. About 10 p.m., my wife came home from work. She’d had a very long day and she was almost crying, because her hips, legs and feet hurt so badly. I ran a warm bath and rubbed her feet as she lay in the tub close to tears. After she had dried and dressed for bed, with much pride I handed her the plaque, which I had made earlier that day.

My wife is without a doubt, the most wonderful, kind, considerate and thoughtful server I have ever known.

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