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It is rather amazing to me how different people are in this day and age. Maybe we are not really much different from our ancestors, who lived 1,000 or even 10,000 years ago in a cave or a hut.

I sometimes wish that I could take all the good qualities from anyone whom I have met in my lifetime and instill them within myself, just for one day. Oh, how warm and wonderful it must feel inside one's self to be a human being capable of showing kindness - able to be gentle, loving, affectionate, considerate, honest, respectful and pleasurable toward others of our kind.

As I sit here at my desk, I think about how puzzled I get when I go out to a public place and see others treating one another as badly as they do. Especially while driving their vehicles, not to mention how they act at the grocery store or the local gas station.

I think tomorrow, I will go to all the large department stores just to look around and see what these little human treasures might possibly cost. I have never seen these kinds of things in the store before. At least not in Wal Mart or K-Mart, where I shop. Maybe these kinds of things are just too expensive and that is why none of the stores ever thought about trying to carry them.

That puzzles me though, because I have seen real people who have left those same stores before, with a big smile on their face and telling everyone "Hi." Some even shook hands with other people and one time, I even saw a lady hug somebody outside the door. These people must have purchased these things in those stores somewhere. Maybe I'll try the lay-a-way department.

Hey! Wait a minute! Maybe these kinds of things don't cost anything at all. Could they possibly be free for the taking? Nah! Come on, that's ridiculous!

Roger Dean Kiser, Sr.

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