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Wayne Evers
2945 Pierce Road
Gainesville, Georgia 30507


I want to thank you for the pre-copy of the book that you mailed to me last week. I have read all the stories, as have my two sons and they are amazed to learn that all the stories that I have been telling them all these years are really true.

I have often wondered if the day would ever come when my children would ever believe me about all the beatings and abuse that we orphans suffered as children in that orphanage. I almost had to fight my sons ( ha ha ) in order to get the book from them so that I could read it for myself.

There are many stories that you are not telling and many, many stories that maybe should never be told. But I can tell you this for sure. The abuse was far worse for us children than you are expressing in most of your stories, far worse.

Do you have any idea what the girls who lived in the orphanage with us must have gone through? Maybe those terrible stories will come out someday.

It is a shame that many of the children who are being written about and discussed in your stories have chosen to act as though nothing ever happened to them at all. I guess they do not wish to deal with the true facts as they stand and I find that a very weak thing for them to do. That type of attitude really does not change a damn thing for any of them. They act as though nothing ever happened to them at all, but each of them must know the truth, just as you and I both do.

I, along with you, do find some humor in many of the abusive things that happened to us as children when we lived in the Children's Home Society. I mean, what else is there to do but laugh and joke about it. If we did not laugh and joke about it, then we would just all sit around all day just crying our lives away.

We survived and we were very lucky to have done so.

Most of us made a decision to make the most out of what happened to us and we just moved on with our lives, but we did not and cannot forget. The kids who cannot talk or joke about it are the one's who have the real problems. I will tell you this for sure - it is a wonder that many of us were not killed or beaten to death by those people. I can honestly say that I believe that the Children's Home Society deliberately hired only those people who truly hated children, in order to totally control us.

Roger, they had to hate us children to beat on us like that and to treat us the way that they did. There is no way that a normal human being who says that they love children could possibly treat a child in that manner.

You wrote in one of your stories that you hold no grudges toward anyone who beat you and mistreated you as a child. How can you possibly say a thing like that? Every child who ever came out of that orphanage turned out to be a screwed up cookie, in one form or another and you know that as well as I do. I totally disagree with you, and I can never forgive them for what they did to me, and my brother. I will never forgive them until the day I die. I will never forgive my mother for abandoning me and my brother or the relatives who did not lift a finger to help us.

Is this what a real family is like? Well, if so, maybe we were lucky to have been orphans. I know that it may sound like I am a very harsh and cruel person, but you know very well that I have always tried to help others and I have never turned my back on anyone who has asked for my help.

I have absolutely no use for a honest-to-goodness true blood family of any type, kind, form or fashion. If they could not stand by one another and help each other when times got tough, and they did not help me or my brother when we needed them, then I shall not help them if they ever need me and that is fact without question or dispute.

I shall always treasure the book that you sent to me and I will forever do whatever I can to help expose those who abuse children, orphans or not.

Your orphan brother, Bobby "Wayne" Evers

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