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Last Christmas, I drove into the crowded Wal-Mart parking lot to do some last minute shopping and noticed an automobile waiting for a handicap parking space near the front entrance. As the woman who was parked in the space backed out of the blue colored slot, another older beat up automobile drove rather quickly into the available space. A driver, who had been waiting for the parking space became furious. He decided he was going to say something to the person who had jumped in front of him and took the parking spot.

He immediately rolled down his car window and yelled out at the top of his voice, "Hope you enjoy that damn parking space. Evidently you need it more than I do!" Then he sped away looking for another spot to park.

After driving around for about five minutes, I finally found a space at the far end of the Wal-Mart lot. Then I got out of my car and started walking the long distance to the front door of the store. As I approached the parking space where the beat up car had taken the handicap space, I noticed an old man about 60 or 70 years old trying to get his unfolded walker out of the car. I walked over and helped the shaky old man as best I could, as he could barely get himself out of his own car. Even with the help of his walker, I did not think he was going to make it to the front door of the store without falling down.

I felt so sorry for that old gentleman and I now know that shaky old man really did need that parking space. He needed it more than the damn idiot who yelled at him, even though he also had a handicap-parking sticker.

I will never forget that old man or his frail weak condition and I know this for a fact: I will never ever again yell those words at another human being for as long as I live.

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