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(Tears that hurt)

"Precious Moments-Plush Little Friends," read the blue and white tag that hung on the little white bunny rabbit. I held it tenderly in my hand while standing in Wal-Mart earlier this morning.

I slowly opened the card attached to the rabbit’s ear and read, "Never leave a child unattended while using this or any stuffed animal." The tears started running down my cheek as I squeezed the small little bunny between my two rough, calloused hands. I reached over and placed the small furry animal in the shopping cart. How many times I had read those words in the past. However, this time they had a very special meaning to me.

Judy and I walked out of the department store and without speaking to one another, we got into our car. We were now heading toward a silent and very quiet place. A place where everyone we have ever known has always dreaded to enter. Upon arriving, we smiled and shook hands with everyone who was wearing a red coat and a black necktie.

Then Judy and I were alone in a small, stylish room with lots of antique furniture. Without saying a word, Judy slowly opened the plastic Wal-Mart bag and carefully removed a soft yellow receiving blanket. Then she took out the little bunny and with tears in her eyes, she gently handed it to me. I reached over and kissed the little white bunny on the top of its head for the last and final time. I laid it on the clean, soft pillow inside the small, white satin covered child's coffin.

It is the first time in my life that I had to leave one of my grandchildren unattended and all alone with a stuffed toy; and I hurt really, really, bad inside.


Morgan Claire Kiser-March 12, 2001-March 12, 2001

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