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"It is called a verb you idiot! Can't you understand anything at all?" yelled the teacher standing in front of the classroom.

I lowered my head, and wished I could just disappear and never come back. I really did try to think as hard as I could, but no matter how I tried, I just could not understand what she was talking about. I could not figure out what makes one word a ‘verb’ and another an ‘adjective.’ What could possibly make one word different from another? Why was the word ‘run’ different from the word ‘house’ or ‘dog?’ It did not make any sense to me. They were all just plain ole words - just a bunch of letters put together to form a word and that is all there was to it. How could the other kids see and understand things differently than I did?

"Either you are lazy or you are just plain stupid," said the teacher.

I placed my face in my hands and leaned forward on my desk; the entire classroom now started laughing at me. I closed my eyes as tightly as I could and begged my brain to please start working like everyone else's.

"Please let me answer at least one question right. Please, dear God in heaven, help me and let me figure it out," I prayed to myself.

However, it never happened. I was just so scared and embarrassed that my brain would not work correctly. My thoughts kept running around and around at 1,000 miles per hour in a never-ending circle of confusion.

I gave up on school shortly after that incident and I dropped out two weeks into Grade 7. Now I would never know who I might have been one day. Was I the one who might have found the cure for cancer or the one who might have saved a million souls for God? Maybe I was the one who was supposed to save the human race by venturing out into space to find a new world.

I guess all of that really does not matter anyway. How could any child grow up to do great things, if they were so stupid that they could not even find a ‘verb’ in a sentence?


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