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This was going to be a very exciting night at the Children's Home Society orphanage. I could hardly wait for our bedtime, so we could pull off the trick we had heard about from a boy in our Grade 2 class at school.

We heard that you could take warm water and if someone fell asleep, you could stick their hand in the water and they would pee on themselves. We could hardly believe that this was true, but were about to find out. We were going to test it on one of the boys that was a bully to the rest of us.

As evening fell and the house parents settled down for the night, we went into the large bathroom. We prepared our solution of warm water in an old, metal wash bucket used for scrubbing the hallway floors. Then we headed down the long dark hallway to the bully's bedroom. There he was right in front of us, dead asleep, with his fat face stuffed into the pillow. He was making all kinds of weird snore and smacking sounds with his mouth.

Everyone kept looking around to see who had enough guts to pick up the metal bucket and stick his fat hand in the warm water. We never talked about that part of it before, so we just stood there making excuses with each. All at once, the hall light came on and there stood the house parent.

"Just what the hell is going on here?" asked the woman.

"We were just getting a drink," said one of the boys.

"COME HERE, RIGHT NOW!" hollered her husband.

Slowly, we walked toward him and stopped where the hallway turned left to go down the front stairway.

"What's in the damn bucket?" asked the man.

"Just water."

“Water for what?" he said as he reached out and grabbed one of the boys by the hair.

"It's pee water! It’s pee water!" yelled the little boy who was being held by the hair.

"It's not really pee water,” I told the matron hoping that she would believe me.

The man reached over, picked up the bucket and looked inside.

"It looks like piss to me. What were you boys going to do, pour this on someone's bed and get them in trouble?"

"No sir,” I said. "Sir, it was just a trick that we were going to play for fun."

"Damn tricks are not for kids. Do you little bastards understand that? Get in a straight line!" yelled the man.

I knew right then that he was going to take us down to the sewing room and ‘beat the living hell’ out of us. Well, we were very lucky that night, because we did not get beaten. All we had to do was to get in a straight line and take turns drinking the ‘pee water.’ We acted as if it tasted really, really bad. That way, the man would not beat us with that big, wooden paddle.

I tell this story, because I had forgotten that there were some good times in the orphanage and I did not want to tell a lie by making you think they beat us every time we did something bad.

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