Mrs. Petty
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I was walking down the upstairs hallway headed to my bedroom at the orphanage, when I decided that I had best tell Mr. and Mrs. Petty (our house parents) that I had completed my assigned chores. I believe that I was to clean one of the upstairs bathrooms and sweep the back staircase, before going to bed. By the age of 11, I had cleaned more toilets and showers than most 50-year-old house cleaners working at a motel.

I stopped outside their bedroom door and noticed that it was slightly ajar. I could hear noises coming from their living quarters. I knocked several times, but they did not hear me. I called out to them saying that I was done with my chores and was going to bed. Still there was no response. I gently pushed on the door and once again called out to them. Still there was no answer. I pushed the door open and walked into the little hallway dividing their two bedrooms.

When I looked up, there stood a beautiful naked woman taking a shower. She was standing there motionless, eyes closed, allowing the water to run over her face. With her eyes tightly shut, she did not realize I was standing there. My mouth fell open to the floor. I had never seen a woman completely naked before, except in my wildest dreams and they were nothing like what I experienced then.

I heard Mr. Petty yelling out to Mrs. Petty. He was saying that he would be back in a few moments. As I pulled back out of the doorway, he came around the corner and saw me standing there. I began running down the hallway yelling, "I DID NOT SEE ANYTHING, I SWEAR! I DID NOT SEE ANYTHING!"

I ran down the stairs full of terror and went into the closet by the television room. Then I climbed into the attic through a hole in the closet ceiling. I could hear Mr. Petty calling for me for what seemed to be hours. He had every one of the boys looking for me. Finally, someone found me and told me that Mr. Petty was not mad at me, so I came down from the attic.

Mr. Petty put all the other boys to bed and then took me out on the front porch, and had a long talk with me. I told Mr. Petty that I didnít see Mrs. Petty naked and even if I had, I would not say anything to the other boys. The truth is that I did see Mrs. Petty in the shower that night. However, I was so scared that I could not remember anything I saw and that is the truth. I guess Mr. Petty believed me, because he could have beaten me to death and got away with it.

I know that I a saw beautiful naked woman with any and all goodies attached thereto. However, even to this day, I honestly cannot remember seeing anything at all.

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