Patrol Boys
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Our lives at the orphanage consisted of the same old routine day, after day after day. Nothing ever changed. The same room, clothes, food, work and if we were lucky, games. Nothing ever changes in an orphanage, nothing.

One day, about 10 of us boys banded together and walked over to see Mother Winters, the head matron, about becoming patrol boys at Spring Park Elementary School next door to the orphanage. We were very excited about it and wanted to see if she would allow us to get into the program.

This was a chance for us orphans to do something important. It was a chance to try to do something special for a change. Mrs. Cherry, one of the teachers, thought that we boys should give it our best shot. Of course, we got an absolute "No" from the "old bag," Mother Winters. The words barely came from of our mouths, when she began ranting and raving. She enjoyed telling each of us that we were not smart enough or responsible enough to be patrol boys.

When we returned to school the next day, the children had heard that we kids from the orphanage could not become patrol boys. That is when the jokes and teasing became almost unbearable. I mean, they laughed and made fun of us for days. We thought it would never stop.

After school let out, the orphans gathered on the school grounds to walk back to the orphanage together. This long line of patrol boys came marching past us heading for their assigned positions. All we heard as they marched past us was how stupid we were and that we were not smart enough to be patrol boys. This really hurt several of the boys and made many of us very mad. As soon as we changed our clothes, a meeting was called to see what could be done about "those stupid patrol boys” making fun of us. It was decided that we would all walk to school together the next day. If even one of the patrol boys said a word to any of us about being stupid or living in the orphanage, we would just beat the holy hell out of them.

The next morning, we met near the front gate of the orphanage. We ate our brown paper bag lunches, so they would not get in the way or smashed, if a fight broke out. We walked in a group, two-abreast, down the sidewalk toward the school building. Coming toward us were the patrol boys, also in a long line of two. The two groups were marching right toward each another and right in the middle of the sidewalk. It appeared that no one was going to be the first to move out of the way. At the last minute, the patrol boys stepped off the sidewalk onto the grass and kept marching.

As they passed without saying a word, we stopped, turned around and looked at them. Rather loudly, one of the boys in our group said, "It should be us helping all the children across the street." We all shook our heads in agreement. Without anyone saying anything else, our entire group started running toward the line of patrol boys. When we caught up with them, we pushed them down and took their flags away. We told them, if they didn’t get their little butts back to the school, we would kick their little asses. Every one of them took off running ran back to the school as fast as they could.

We took their flags and walked directly to their assigned positions. We stopped traffic and helped all the children cross the street. Later, we banded together and walked single file back to the school, and marched ourselves into Mrs. Dryers’ office. All the patrol boys were there. They had been watching us out the office window. Without saying a word, we stacked all the flags neatly against the wall where they belonged. We made it very clear to the patrol that we were not stupid and if they continued making fun of us, we would kick their butt’s everyday when they came to perform their duties.

Several weeks later, one of them got brave and began mocking us as they walked by our location. As promised, we kicked the pure living hell out of five of them.

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