A Naked Orphan
This web site contains stories of physical, mental, emotional, and sexual child abuse.

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I guess I was about 8 years old when several of the boys came to my room and asked me if I wanted to smoke a cigarette. I told them I did not want to smoke, but they insisted that I come with them and watch how it was done.

We exited the boys' building through the upstairs window in the bedroom where Wayne Evers and I slept. We slid down an old oak tree right outside of the window, until we reached the ground. The entire gang of boys walked very slowly around the building to the heater room. It was located out back, between the boys' building and the orphanage office.

At that very spot was where some of the office workers left their cars at night. Their vehicles were loaded with hundreds of half-smoked cigarette butts. The boys would open the car doors and empty the ashtrays into a bag, which they kept hidden in the bamboo bushes. Later, they would smoke the cigarette butts.

All of a sudden, several of the boys grabbed me from behind and began pulling my pajamas off. Within 10 seconds, I was one very naked little boy. They took my pajamas, and tied my hands and feet so that I could not walk. Then they carried me across the street to the girls' building/dormitory and opened the glass door at the end of the hallway. Grabbing me by the arms and legs, they slid me as far down the hallway toward the girl’s bedrooms as I would slide.

All 10 boys started yelling as loud as they could, before running out the door and back to the boy’s building. It was about one o'clock in the morning when every girl in the orphanage, as well as the matron, came running out of their bedrooms to see what was happening - and there I lay, naked as a jaybird.

The matron began yelling at all the girls to get back into their bedrooms and not look at this naked man. She was screaming, "OH, MY GOD – a naked man! OH, MY GOD!” She yelled it over and over and over. I just lied there smiling and hoping that nobody would see "my thing."

Then the matron came up to me and told me that we boys were in need of "mental assistance." When I told her all that I needed were pajamas, she kicked me in the back and told me to shut up. Judy Hindsman came running down the hallway holding a large bath towel. She handed it to the matron with her eyes closed and the matron covered me up.

I saw Judy Hindsman looking at me where she was not supposed to be looking and I know that she told all the other girls, because they all laughed at me for weeks.

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